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Private doctors in Bergen

We can get you an appointment the same day, or latest the next working day. You can book your appointment online or by calling us. We have experienced and skilled doctors that provide the best care for our patients. 

Private doctor

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Private doctor

We have a private clinic and our doctors are not general practitioners (GP; "fastlege" in Norwegian). That means we are open to anyone without a referral and you don't need to wait long for an appointment. We have a strong professional environment with private doctors who enable us to exchange experiences and discuss medical issues together to find the best solutions for you as a patient.

We want to ensure the highest possible quality of our treatments. Therefore, our doctors undergo continuous further education in relevant medical fields. This means that you will always be met by a private doctor with up-to-date competence and broad experience.


  • Consultation with a private doctor 
  • Examination and treatment 
  • Prescriptions
  • Vaccination
  • Referrals
  • Driver's license certificate
  • Cervical Screening
  • Assessment and removal of moles
  • Lesuire boat skipper

Private membership 

By buying a private membership with us you can receive favorable prices for our services. The membership includes an annual health check where we aim to uncover and prevent diseases in the heart and lungs, digestive and muscular system, skeletal system, urinary tract, brain system, sensory organs, and others.

Patients with private memberships will also be prioritized when there is a longer waiting times.

Annual health check

During the annual health check, we will be able to renew prescriptions and write referrals for X-rays, mammography, and other specialist services, in addition to carrying out:

Urinprøve - ikon

Urine samples

Blodprøve - ikon

Blood test

Måling av blodtrykk - ikon

Measurement of blood pressure 

Syntest ikon

Vision and hearing testing

Drop inn time - ikon

Quick access

We can often offer appointments within a short period of time. However, we do recommend that you always book an appointment online to be sure that you get a spot. If we have the capacity, you will get a quick consultation with one of our experienced doctors. 

Why choose a private medical service

The main reasons why many choose private medical services are short waiting times and good availability. You often have the time and opportunity to wait a few weeks for a doctor's consultation, but sometimes you want more immediate access to a doctor in order to have a problem or concern resolved as quickly as possible.

Annual health checks are also a comfort for many who want the opportunity to detect any health-related problems early.

Our employees

Dorthea Furevik

Dorthea Furevik

General manager / nurse

Gunn-Berit Horge

Gunn-Berit Horge

Medical Secretary

Lisa Lund Wågsæther

Lisa Lund Wågsæther

Marine and petroleum doctor

Nils Fosse

Nils Fosse

Marine and petroleum doctor

Margaret Grande Farestveit


Lise Erstad


Haakon Hasselgren Eilertsen

Haakon Hasselgren Eilertsen

Marine and petroleum doctor

Stein-Inge Stigen

Stein-Inge Stigen

Maritime and petroleum doctor / company doctor

Monica Sundal  

Secretary of Health

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