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Vi har konkurransedyktige priser, og dersom ditt firma inngår avtale om årlig helsesjekk vil dere også motta svært gunstige priser på konsultasjoner, og alle våre andre tjenester. Medlemmer blir prioritert med kort ventetid.

The price of the services may vary depending on whether you have already been in for a first consultation or not.

Students get a membership price for all our services.

Prisliste - ikon

Below you will find links to price lists for:


  Price in NOK 
Annual health check 1 590,-
Doctor's consultation 990,-
Telephone consultation 450,-

Health certificates

  Price in NOK 
Seaman's certificate 2 500,-
Offshore certificate 2 500,-
Driver's license certificate/leisure boatt 990,-
Additional work (dispensations, etc.) 1 490,-

Travel medicine and vaccination

  Price in NOK 
Vaccine consultation, first time 390,-
Vaccine consultation, follow-up (excl. cost per vaccine) 290,-
Influenza vaccine 400,-


  Price in NOK 
Blood samples/urine samples during consultation 200,-
Covid-19 test, PCR or rapid test 800,-
Medication certificate 250,-
Sick leave 200,-
Referrals 300,-
Removal of a mole during a consultation 300,-
*We reserve the right that errors in the price list may occur. 

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